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Head 2 Heart

September 29th, 2017

I remember always being a seeker. From the moment of sitting in the sandbox, digging and digging, hoping to uncover some magical find yet not realizing in my child like ways that mom and dad had just poured the sand inside a box. To the moments of sitting in a dungeon, of a hidden study […]


September 20th, 2017

To be right where you are and not… worry about the future.   To release the past and forgive… the old hurts, wounds, & scars. To accept you know the way for you and to not… let the judgement of others cloud your path. AND To feel inner Peace and outer Joy. Are you with me? […]


September 11th, 2017

You are beautiful.  Yes YOU! You see…your beauty is your uniqueness…so shine YOU today. You are strong.  Yes YOU! You are doing the best you can…and that is all life can ask of YOU. You are wounded.  I know…that one hurt to read…but I feel you.  Your pain is real and not to be brushed […]

She Just Let Go {audio}

August 13th, 2017

The negativity was swirling around her. Anger. Frustration. Rage. She could feel the waves of emotions crashing into her with a surging force. She felt overwhelmed.  She felt confused. Her only point of clarity amongst the haze was that she wanted to run away from home.  Yet, her life responsibilities kept her feet rooted.  This grounding began to […]