What should I know if I am new to yoga? Yoga is for everybody so come with an open mind and have your own unique experiences.  Yoga is about finding balance between body, mind, & spirit leading to a healthy body and calmness of mind. Enjoy your transformed body, increased self-awareness, and radiant spirit.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Ensure your top fits tighter to avoid flapping in your face with some yoga poses.
  • Avoid eating at least 1 hour before yoga.
  • Inform your teacher of any injuries.
  • Do not work through pain.  Challenge your body, but do not push your body to pain.

What does getting “emotionally unstuck” mean?
Within our body we have spiritual-emotional vibration centers known as chakras. When we physically and mentally tap into these areas, we are able to balance them and allow energy to flow freely throughout our body. When you are unblocked in your internal spiritual centers, you will have a feeling of bliss- being truly natural and moving freely through life emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Conversely, when we don’t work to get our chakras unstuck we will often feel like life is a struggle and we feel unbalanced. Take a short quiz to see where you may be stuck emotionally within your chakras; either being under active or over active in the 7 major chakra centers. Chakra quiz “How stuck are you?”

How often should I do yoga?
You will get a unique experience with each yoga class since no two classes are identical. Each class has a energetic theme to help you get unstuck and feel amazing. If you are only able to attend one class per week; that is wonderful. Carve out the time to treat yourself with loving care yoga offers and soon you will learn what your body, mind, and spirit needs to stay connected and balanced. While attending Wendy Billie yoga classes sporadically will have its own physical and mental benefits, on-going practice is where you will truly feel the healthy physical benefits along with your spiritual-emotional energy centers becoming unstuck and flowing more freely.

Is there such thing as a healthy level of stress?
Have you have heard that New Yorker’s are the “most on edge as new survey’s reveal” New Yorkers and Stress? But there is good news– your body is designed to deal with stress. Your body is intelligent in that it has physiological responses to deal with stress; known as “fight or flight” responses. But, when you don’t have a full self-awareness of what triggers your stress in life; then you don’t know how to calmly act in such circumstances. And instead, you are prone to over-react and that is when stress is detriment to your overall health and wellness. Some yoga practices (yang poses) activate natural adrenaline states and then you also learn to safely return to a state of peace through breath work and more gentle longer held (yin yoga poses). Through on-going yoga participation, you will increase your stress response self-awareness—learning techniques to cope with stress in the exact moment it occurs.