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Energy Healing.  Shamanic Healing.  Reconnective Healing.

Feeling a loss of power?  Maybe you feel overtaken by negative energy?  Feeling out of tune with your natural flow — fighting too hard to maintain balance?

Energetic & Shamanic Healing are used to bring back harmony and connection to your deeper self; to truly heal your spirit and in-turn physical, mental, and emotional pains.   And, reconnective healing attunes you to the healing vibrations of light, love & information that is in your highest and best interest.

Working with high energy frequencies & intuition along with the assistance of her spirit guides, Wendy helps you come back home to your true self.  Each session is unique and multifaceted as Wendy allows Spirit to guide her to what is currently in your highest and best interest for healing.   Here are a sample of some healing modalities used:

Energy Healing  

Deep within us we have 7 main chakra portals.  They are powerful forces (similar to a tornado) yet at anytime, these vortexes of energy can veer off course leaving us feeling overwhelmed, confused, anxious, dealing with physical pain, and not in tune with our spiritual nature.  Wendy will serve as a healing conduit along with powerful healing vibrations to balance your innate energy centers while helping you access light, love & healing.

Power Animal Discovery

In shamanic belief, animals are our teachers and protectors. We have animals that have been with us since birth and others that are with us only when we deal with certain issues occurring in our life. Connecting with spirit animals can help you access your power and keep you on an authentic path.  In this technique, Wendy journeys to discover your power animal(s) and blows their energy into your heart and the top of your head. You will also learn the wisdom of your power animal and what it wants to share to help you on your life’s journey.

Soul Retrieval

In shamanic belief, a soul retrieval is needed when trauma occurs in our life.  Often a part of our soul may leave in order to survive the trauma of what has occurred.  Signs of soul loss include chronic illnesses, constant confusion, depression, and fatigue. During a soul retrieval, Wendy journeys to find the missing soul parts and bring them back, breathing their power and life back into you;  creating a sense of wholeness.

Energy Extractions

We are intended to stand and live in our own true power yet times in life we are exposed to outside energetic influences that leave us feeling weak, vulnerable, and disconnected.  During these times, displaced energy may easily find a home within you ~ impeding your aura and leaving you feeling out of sorts.  During energy extraction techniques, Wendy journeys to where this misplaced energy resides in your body and removes it from your existence; leaving you with a sense of renewed freedom.

Reconnective Healing

Working with the axiotonal healing vibrations, Wendy attunes you to receive light, love, and information.  Your spirit guides will be with you as all is intended to open you to your highest and best good, to help you balance your energy & to help you step deeper into your soul’s purpose.  

….the unique healing experiences help you come back home to your true self!

Here is a great article that explores one woman’s brush with a Shamanic Practitioner

http://www.prevention.com/mind-body/emotional-health/how-shamanic-healing-works  (be sure and skip the ads by selecting “continue to prevention”)

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Experience the magic of my intuitive chakra creams!

Thai Yoga Massage

Are you ready to feel your energy flow and access an amazing state of Peace? Indulge in 70 min Thai yoga massage.  This massage is different from traditional massage in that it is performed on the floor & you keep your clothes on.  Wendy uses her body weight applying rhythmic pressure as she gently stretches you into yoga postures while opening the flow of energy through your meridian energy system; accessing this natural flow of energy leaves you feeling calm & rejuvenated.   Treat yourself to the nourishment of loving touch & energy.

Thai Yoga


  • Calm & peaceful feelings
  • Increased flexibility
  • Renewal of natural energy
  • Relief from tension, anxiety, and stress.

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Energy Healing & Thai Massage Combo
Let your mind, body, emotions, and spirit flow freely with this amazing healing experience.  Your session begins with energy healing as you then drift into a calming and rejuvenating massage and your journey ends with soothing natural energy aromatherapy.

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Get ready for life transformation!  The Reconnection  is completed once in your lifetime.  It is a 2-part series of healing to Reconnect you with your higher vibrational frequencies (your energetic template) which attunes you to your higher calling – your purpose – your dharma.

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Why 333?  The Reconnection is being done all over the world by healing practitioners.  333 is a sacred number.  You are making a contract with the Universe to reconnect with the depth of your soul; the real You.


Some testimonials from clients:
“Wow! I had no idea it would be like that.” “Everyone should have that experience.”
“Can I schedule another massage as soon as next week?” “I didn’t realize I could feel so peaceful.”
“I feel like I just experienced the best yoga class ever.”
“I was so surprised how strongly I reacted to the aromatherapy.  I feel lighter and could feel the energy flow.”
“I no longer have pain in my shoulder.  I was struggling with that for months.”
“I no longer have back pain.  It just went away!”
“1 month after The Reconnection experience; I had found new meaning in all of my relationships.”
“After The Reconnection sessions, I finally realized my true calling.  I started my own business!”
“I finally accept me!  My confidence is sky high & I no longer let others negative energy affect me.”