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In an interview on Health Matters Radio Talk Show, Wendy talks about Yoga as an energy tool and more…  HEALTH MATTERS Wendy Billie 10.9.14

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Before I opened the door to my yoga teacher’s room, I found myself in a rage of anger and without hesitation I kicked my clogs across the room (narrowly missing someone walking by).   What was happening?  I couldn’t calm my emotions.  Despite my face getting redder by the moment, my teacher peeked his out the door with a look of understanding written all over his face.  “Why don’t you come in Wendy, and we’ll talk about what is happening.” … Read more

In Good Company Magazine

Life’s undulating journey carries us along many intersecting paths. For Wendy this convoluted adventure of life intersected with Ottertail County for the first time about 12 years ago. Her passion for yoga is evident. “Every morning at 5:30 I start my day by looking at my motto- ‘I inspire people to live authentic lives.’” Through practicing and teaching yoga, Wendy’s goal of exposing individuals to the beauty of yoga taps into the physical, emotional and spiritual….   Read more


Dogs are the ultimate role models for humans seeking to become “unstuck,” Wendy says: “I believe that dogs have a good sense of what’s going on emotionally, but we humans kind of mask it often. So Adrenazen is all about increasing people’s awareness of what’s going on emotionally, and giving them a physical place to start dealing with it. It’s about your body first, then your mind, then your emotional centers – Adrenazen taps into all three areas.” ….   Read more

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Yoga Guardian is a virtual online community dedicated to providing support to yoga practitioners around the world. From beginner to advanced, the Yoga Guardian community provides a dedicated platform for sharing yoga training techniques, lifestyle enhancement training, and ongoing feedback and support. Through free weekly videos and newsletters, Yoga Guardian provides expert advice in not just yoga, but in all areas that help reduce stress and lead to a more purpose filled life. … Read more

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My action today was to turn to my yoga mat.  I surrendered into child’s pose and began my practice with a focus on being grounded. I moved through a beautiful flow tapping into every hip opener I could think of and eventually found myself at extreme peace in double pigeon. After my ending meditation, I fluttered my eyes open and felt safe and unstuck. My hips were open, my body radiated with energy, and my mind was clear. I rolled up my mat and got to the business of getting things done. …. Read More