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$100 = private energy healing & coaching session

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Inspiration Clothing & More by Wendy




Live in these  super soft & comfortable lightweight hoodies.  Light gray or soft turquoise.

Front image:  Celebrate You.  Garnished with a feather & the spiral of energy.  Back image: Feminine goddess standing on her lotus flower as she awakens into her intuitive beauty and power.


SALE:  $35



find-your-tribe-love-them-hard-racerback-yoga-exercise-comfortable-fit-womens-awakening-festival-wendy-billiefind-your-tribe-love-them-hard-racerback-yoga-exercise-comfortable-fit-flowy-womens-awakening-festival-wendy-billieLet people know that you live from a state of love as you call in your tribe.  This racerback flowing tank is super comfortable. Great for yoga class or for any life moments. Dark gray or turquoise.  Lower back right hip has the #womensawakeningfestival logo of the feminine rising on a lotus flower as she releases a sphere of goddess energy from her healing hands.  Plus, check out the OM symbol inside the feather.

Was $36   NOW $30  (only a few left)


SOLD OUT of Turquoise Large & XL.


I once had a dear friend say he saw me as a mermaid in a previous life.  With my flowing red hair and love of splashing around, I smiled in agreement.  This unique mermaid design sits on a super soft tri-blend Bella brand t-shirt or super soft tri-blend 3/4 length Super Soft baseball jersey that you will want to cozy up in anywhere.   T-shirt is fitted with low neck  &  jersey is a comfy looser fit.   Both are fun for yoga class or anywhere you are ready to let your wild mermaid self shine.  Caribbean Blue or Sea turtle green.

mermaid-tshirt-yoga-wendybillie-triblendT-shirt:  $28.50

SALE:  $20





Deep within us are 7 natural chakra energy centers.  They can easily de-rail; causing confusion….dimming the light of who we truly are.

I received visions of special formulas to ignite & balance the 7 chakra energy centers.  The chakra creams along with the mantras help you communicate with & ignite the wisdom of your energetic intuition ~ the creams will tell you what your body, mind, & spirit needs to balance & accessing the power of our natural chakra energy system.  

Start each day by focusing on what your energy needs to flow in your highest and best intention.  Let yourself be guided and led as you step into the power & grace of where your energy needs to be focused each and every day.  The chakra creams take the hard work and guessing game out of the equation.  They helps you to be who you truly are meant to be each day.

Before you let the over analytical mind get in the way, use the creams to let your intuition decide.  Go ahead…Be You…naturally.  

100% ALL Natural & Organic.  Each cream is charged with healing energies & is made from shea, mango, aloe butters with coconut, sunflower, and rice bran oils, rosemary oleoresin, green tea & vitamin E complex.  Infused with a unique blend of therapeutic grade essential oils.  Deliberately designed to ignite & balance your chakra energy.  Rub them on your feet, hands, and pulse points as you enjoy the nurturing beauty of opening your chakra energy channels so that you may flow with ease.  Go ahead, Be You without apologies.

In Love & Light my spiritual friends,
Wendy Billie

be you naturally

Live each day with energetic focus. 

Click HERE for suggested use.  What do you need today?  What is in your highest & best interest?

Click HERE to link your answers to the energy creams

Open an energetic intention deep in your heart…& live in your FLOW!


HERE they are! 7 Intuitive Chakra Cream Set
7 Intuitive Chakra Energy Creams 

GET THE FULL Set of 7 and SAVE 15%+!  PLUS get FREE mala beads from Tibet

Buy Full Set of 7 (includes Tibetan mala beads)

Sold Individually Below

Blissful testimonials of people using them everyday….

They are magical! The creams have helped me to trust my intuition. More than once my intuition has chosen a cream that my mind said I did not need. I elect to trust my intuition on those days, and every time there is an unforeseen situation or circumstance that arises that calls for the energy of the cream my intuition led me to that morning. It is amazing! I love the creams and am thankful Wendy chose to trust her intuition and share with all of us. ~ Martina
Each morning, I face the early morning sun peaking through my window and take three deep calming breaths to center myself.  I take the lids off each of the 7 energy creams and lift one at a time to my nose with my eyes closed and breathe in while keeping the question, “What do I need at this moment?”.  Most mornings, the right energy cream smells “important or significant” to me.  If more than one scent speaks to me, I simply set those that I am contemplating aside, then slowly repeat until just one feels right.  After I replace all of the open lids, I read the mantra that I chose and repeat that mantra as I rub cream into my pulse points at my wrists, elbow creases and behind my ears.  I love as the day moves on when I recognize why I needed or chose that particular energy cream.  I have so many examples of how my chakra was opened up and I was able to accept my life; it was exactly what I needed at that moment.  For instance, last Friday morning my intuition chose “Be Authentic”.  By the end of that day, I reflected that I was able to break open my heart and share a deeply guarded hurt to a new friend. It was amazing to be able to speak my truth without judging it.  I was able to just let it be, which is so completely new.  The next morning, my intuition chose “Be Strong” and I felt my confidence in myself lift as I completed an 8 hr workshop towards a new career path.  I love how “Be You Naturally” literally makes me feel like a better person.  I have so much less negative self judgment and I feel the progress I am making towards a better me!~ Renae
I love the Be You Naturally Creams! I’ve been slathering them on day and night – everywhere – even my face! And I love the results. My skin is so much softer and I always smell great! I’ve also used the creams in my yoga classes to deepen my students experience. I give each student a dab on their palms at the beginning of class to massage into their temples, neck or anywhere they’d like. I find the self-massage combined with the therapeutic action of the essential oils in the creams really helps them get into their body and become more present for their practice.  ~ Amy
I love using the Be You Naturally creams each morning– they remind me to slow down and check in with myself. Different scents resonate with me at different times, and I find that the associated mantra is often exactly what I need to hear as I walk out the door and start my day. ~ Sarah

I’m enjoying my journey with your energy creams. I start each day with them and keep one with me at all times. Anytime I need a little boost they help direct my thoughts and flow in a positive way. ~Angie

Be Grounded
Chakra Energy Center #1 be grounded

Mantra: I am stable and know I belong.

Be Free

 Chakra energy center #2 be free
Mantra: I feel & flow with nature.

Be strong

Chakra Energy Center #3  be strongMantra: I am confident in who I am.

Be Love
Chakra Energy Center #4  
be love

 Mantra: I am open to receive & share love.

Be Authentic

Chakra Energy Center #5    be authentic

Mantra: I am unique & speak my truth.

Be Intuitive

Chakra Energy Center #6    be intuitive

Mantra: I am guided by my inner knowing.

Be Connected

Chakra Energy Center #7    be connected

Mantra: I am pure light & a divine part of all life.

Be Connected
SALE:  be you naturally Chakra Yoga Tanks: Unique design by Wendy with 7 Chakra Colors.  7 Yoga Poses aligned to each chakra.