Simply put the retreat is AMAZING. Wendy has energy unlike any person I have ever come into contact with and you can literally feel her sharing it with the room. My body, heart and mind feel more open and I feel blessed for having had this experience. ~ Retreat student

Wendy Billie does not disappoint. Her workshop was filled with Ceremony, Yoga, and a wonderful introduction to the Yoga Shamanic world.  I was able to meet my Animal Spirit by way of a shamanic journey which was absolutely insightful.  This workshop met all of my expectations and more….Wendy is one of the most spiritual women I know. ~ Yoga Studio Owner

Experiencing Wendy’s graceful and empowering guidance, I was able to surrender all expectations and just “be” during the 2015 Belize Yoga Retreat. Her amazing grace, and intuition truly opens your heart and mind to connect. I experienced a deeper connection with nature and felt radiant within. Thank you Wendy for sharing your gifts~ I am truly Grateful~ Desi; Yoga Teacher & Retreat Student

Thank you for everything you taught me and the light you’ve shown me.  I was meditating last night and a bright light came upon me and I started crying for no reason.  It sounded like angels were all around me.  I have been seeing and feeling so much and you have helped me open my eyes to a new world.  It is beautiful!  ~ Healing Coaching Client

I began my journey of self-love, self acceptance, healing of thoughts, connection to my soul with Wendy not too long ago. I had taken many of her amazing, rejuvenating yoga classes & had always pondered and read & re-read the tab of ‘life coaching/spiritual healing’ .. I do not doubt contacting Wendy and starting those sessions one moment, EVER. You cannot just ignore your inner voice. We are all destined for different things and we all have our own story but Wendy has provided such ‘wow’ knowledge that’s made my soul shine. You never stop learning about yourself. Thank you Wendy! ~ Holly

I have been gong to Wendy’s yoga classes for a few years and just recently returned from a Yoga Retreat with her in Belize. It was wonderful beyond words!! Wendy has such a warm, caring soul and lives and breathes what she practices. This is inspirational and refreshing. On our retreat I had a private session with Wendy which moved me spiritually and brought insight and peace into my life! She is able to share her practice in a non-threatening and inclusive manner which makes you want to learn more! Love ya Wendy! ~ Jennifer

The retreat was great!  I had very cool/ vivid dreams last night and I even dreamt about a painting I am working on, applied the color where my dream told me to and it looks great.  You are truly a gift to this world Wendy. Please sign me up for the next retreat.  ~ MJ

Wendy is the real deal, she brings SUCH knowledge to your practice. I have taken yoga classes before, and that’s what they were…a class. With Wendy, it is so much more, your yoga practice becomes your own and she is there to guide you to where you didn’t even know you needed to be! With 2 herniated discs in my back, I never thought I could achieve such health and overall wellness…I owe that to Wendy Billie and my yoga practice. I am stronger now than I have ever been! The real deal…kind, genuine and always professional…that’s Wendy! ~ Jeani

WOW..what a great weekend!  I can’t thank you enough. I had a conversation today & really focused on speaking my truth in love. I think I did pretty well but they didn’t like anything I had to say. And I’m OK with that…. progress.  ~ Cim

Wendy has a gift of reading your energy and saying just what you need to hear to get yourself out of your head. ~ Kathryn

I always feel happy, filled with energy, and peaceful after each class. ~ Allison

When asked to describe the retreat: It’s unlike anything I’ve ever been part of. It’s not just about the physical act of doing yoga. It’s more about learning about yourself and connecting with yourself in a way that you would never have imagined possible. ~Retreat student

The retreat transported me to a place of quiet, allowing me reconnect with myself and my place in this world. ~Retreat student

When I came to spirit & life coaching, all I knew was that I needed a change in my career, and in my life.  I had so many ideas and thoughts, and fears, about what to do next.  Wendy helped me prioritize my values, pointed out where I was being untrue to those values in my current choices, and guided me to a change that is honest and authentic to who I am.  I was also amazed at how quickly I created a relationship with Wendy, and how easy it was to trust her with my fears and concerns.  When I made my decision about my next step in life, my only regret was that I knew it was time for my coaching to end. ~ Coaching Client

The retreat left me both exhausted (physically) and energized (spiritually). I am encouraged that I can deal with life’s stresses in a new and healthy manner. It also gave me a chance to focus on ME, something I’m not used to doing. ~Retreat student

When asked to describe the retreat: I was unable to describe it to a friend even a day later – too busy absorbing – all I could say was awesome! Now I could include the words “fulfilling”, “calming”, “educational”, “meaningful”. ~Retreat student

Can we please do that again (words spoken from a student right after yoga class). ~ Yoga Student

Spirit & Life Coaching helped me get more confidence, and put into words what my life goals and dreams are.  It also helped me realize that I was on the right track, something I think we all need reassurance with sometimes. ~ Healing Coaching client